Windows and Doors Page

Upgrading your home’s comfort level can easily start with new windows and doors! At Yoder Building Supplies, we offer some wonderful window options that are energy efficient and sourced by great manufacturers. Our window and door suppliers are Marvin (formerly Marvin Windows and Doors), Bayer Built, and Thermo-Tech. Getting windows and doors for your project is as simple as:

  1. Selecting your size and style with Yoder Building Supplies.
  2. Ordering your window package.
  3. Showing up to your project location where they will be delivered for free!
Vector Windows available for order through Yoder Building Supplies
THERMA TRUE DOORS available at Yoder Building Supplies in Hibbing, Minnesota

Windows & Doors for New Construction

As you’re planning your new home’s layout, getting the right lighting, entry and exits, and optimal views of the nature around you are all probably on your priority list. We can help you find the right set of doors and windows that will help to make your home stunning and energy efficient. From wood trim settings to vinyl colors, our manufacturers offer a variety of sizes and styles to help you fit your personal design preferences. We will help customers evaluate the proper window and door placement from modern contemporary homes to traditional log cabins. All our Bayer Built doors are ordered completely custom to what you need because every home’s character is unique.

Replacing Your Current Windows & Doors

Having an older home can be a contributing factor to draftiness in your home. Older windows were not designed to withhold the heat during the winter as well as new technology has allowed them to do. From double hung windows to sliding glass doors, we have seen the energy impact older windows and doors can have on your home.

Bayer Built Brown door with black trim
Bayer Built Red Door with Side window panels

Come down to our storefront location to discuss your home exterior window or door project, and we can help you select a style and size that best fits your home’s needs. Also feel free to give us a call to ask about the proper way to measure your window or door size that you are looking to replace! We would be happy to send you instructions.

Installation Help For Your Windows and Doors

Ensuring your window or door installation is properly done can save you loads of time and money in the future. Incorrect installation of windows and doors can lead to issues with heat loss, mildew, and water penetration. If you need help installing your new windows and doors, we have a list of contractors who can help!

Replacement Parts For Existing Windows & Doors

What we love about the window & door manufacturers we use is their quality products, many options and warranty and service support. If you have previously purchased a window from these companies, and need to get replacement hardware, we can help! Talk to us about the make and model of your window to see if we can order window or door replacement parts or glass panes. If you have purchased windows with Yoder Building Supply in the past, this process will be streamlined, as we can review your previous orders to find what items you have on file.