Welcome to the center for all of your design inspiration! We love working with customers across the Iron Range who are hoping to re-envision their kitchen, bathroom space, or any other part of their home. At Yoder Building Supplies, we offer quite a few different design options to help you get started.

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  3. Full Interior Design Services for Kitchen & Bath Projects
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Get Your Free Design Quote

The beauty of being a store in Hibbing, Minnesota is that our experienced team can sit down with you in person to help you pick out the features, cabinetry styles, and colors you’re hoping to utilize in your project. We will help you construct a rough 3D sketch of your space utilizing the options you’re hoping to have in your layout in order to help you understand  what your budget will be for the project. Our consultation services far outweigh that of any big box brand’s abilities due to our customer service, expertise, and hands on approach. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend bringing with you some sketches with your home’s measurements and your project budget. Together, we can do the rest.

Drawings for Your Kitchen or Bath Design

We can do this for you! We take the stress out of making sure you get the right measurements when you choose to get drawings with us. We have a skilled team of designers that can help you draft a detailed sketch of your project. This service includes coming to your home to take measurements to ensure all your specifications are accurate when you’re ready to order. We require a $200 retainer towards your materials purchase to ensure we can quickly assist you when you’re ready to place your order. 

If you’re looking to get an idea of what is possible with your space,  we can show you some of our before and after projects to help you get some ideas regarding what you’d like to see in your new kitchen or bathroom!

Full Interior Design Services for Kitchen and Bath Projects

Right here, in Hibbing, Minnesota, we’ve partnered with By Heather Creative Space Design to bring you a full range of interior design services. Heather can help you through the design selection process by providing in-home consultation regarding space utilization and layout. She then helps you select designs that work within your project, ensures the proper measurements are taken, and does all project management as you start your build. Heather has worked extensively with many contractors across the Iron Range to bring homes to life. Her bathroom and kitchen experience is extensive and she is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. She works with many of our customers to develop their dream layout and bring it to reality. Come check out some of our in-store layouts that she helped to design or check out her portfolio profile on Houzz

What If I’m Already Working With a Contractor For My Project?

That is okay! We work with contractors all the time to ensure your project is ordered and installed beautifully. Sometimes contractors prefer having you come into our store to pick out colors and brands that fit with your project’s design to ensure everything you’re hoping to have is in stock and fits your preferences. It’s always nice to see products in person to review how it looks in different lighting and if it matches up with other selections you’ve already picked out. We also support contractors with ensuring all measurements and specifications for countertops, sinks, hardware, door and finish, are ordered properly and delivered on site to the project location. 

When I Get My Design Finalized, Can You Help Me Find a Contractor?

Because we work with so many contractors, we have quite a few that specialize in all sorts of layouts and designs for kitchens and bathrooms. If you need a referral for your specific project, we try to give you a list of contractors you can reach out to based on what your project design needs have identified.

How Do I Schedule an Interior Design Meeting?

Simply call us at 218-263-3665 tell us you’d like to meet with a designer about your project, and we can set up a time for you to come in to discuss your project. We’re looking forward to it. Call today!